Maxilon offers

Two Product Lines

The mx-grafter is a sterile single-use instrument designed as a complete system to harvest and deliver autogenous bone grafts.

mx-grafter 1600H.gif
ebner Masked.gif

The ebner grafter performs the same functions with a reusuable handle and disposable blades.  Handles are available with three different head angles to match the donor site anatomy.

Consider These Avantages

Confidently graft with autogenous bone, "The Gold Standard." Maxilon products utilize XBR technology for evidence based excellent clinical results.     


  • Offer patients a solution that uses their own natural bone.

  • XBR shaving expands bone - much less donor bone required for a given graft volume...  excellent results and less taken.

  • Obtain an Osseous Coagulum in one step... bone and blood collected together.

  • High purity graft - no suction, and enclosed harvesting.

  • Save time - instruments cut, collect and deliver.

SEM Bone Shaving.gif
XBR - small.gif

Expanded Bone Regeneration

Simplified Process


A high tech hollow-ground blade shaves ribbons from  cortical bone surfaces.  Their open morphology provides pathways for vascular in-growth, multiple surfaces for cell attachment, and their highly fractured surfaces can release BMP. 



While cutting, shavings combine with blood and flow into the handle's collection chamber. This osseous coagulum is completely saturated with blood that comes from the donor site bone capillaries.



The handle safely encloses the graft from the time of collection until delivery. For deliver, the blade is moved/re-moved giving access to the graft. The handle can then  be used to deliver the graft directly to the recipient site.

Crossec TP 1200H.gif

Cross-section of  Grafter

Harvesting Bone and Blood

Arun K. Garg, DMD
Professor of Surgery
Division of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
University of Miami:


"For quick and easy intra-oral bone harvesting, the ebner-grafter is ideal. I use it routinely when harvesting½ - 1½ cc's of autogenous bone from areas adjacent to the recipient site. It is easy to use, provides great access and visibility, and is very cost-effective."

Craig M. Misch, DDS, MDS
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Implant Dentistry

New York University:

"The ebner-grafter is an easy to use and invaluable instrument for obtaining particulate autogenous bone for grafting.  I will use this instrument routinely for sinus and onlay bone grafting procedures."