The mx-grafter Bone Grafting System is intended for the removal, harvest,

and grafting of autogenous bone in surgical applications.

The mx-grafter system is a manual, self-contained instrument that provides

a rapid and cost-effective method to easily graft autogenous bone. Designed as

a Bone Grafting System, it incorporates several features including:

1. High technology blade that cuts and removes bone shavings from

cortical surfaces.

2. Streamlined, transparent handle that efficiently collects the bone

into a storage chamber as it is harvested.

3. Plunger to consolidate and advance the collected bone.


4. Chamber for mixing the harvested bone with other constituents and

safely delivering the materials to the recipient site.


Before the clinician's first case, he should become thoroughly familiar with the Instructions for Use (see link button above).

A clinical standard... in use for over 20 years!

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