ebner 502

The ebner 502  expanded bone grafter is intended for bone removal and autogenous bone grafting.  The instrument is comprised of a stainless steel handle and blade (blade labeled for single use).


The blade shaves bone from cortical surfaces producing short convoluted ribbons.  While being cut, shavings combine with blood and flow into the handle's head.  This graft material, an osseous coagulum, is then delivered with the handle directly to the recipient site, or to a bowl.

Handles are available with three head angles to enable the clinician to select one that is suitable for the given anatomy.  The three head angles are: Straight; 30 degrees Up; and 30 degrees Down.  Handle selection is based on keeping the angle formed by the bottom of the blade and the bone surface between 10 and 45 degrees.


Blades are standardized so that ebner 500  BLADEs can be used with any

ebner 500  HANDLE (501, 502... 5nn).



Before the clinician's first case, he should become thoroughly familiar with the Instructions for Use (see link button above).

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