Autogenous Bone Grafting Instruments

...with Excellent Clinical Results!*

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mx-grafter 1600H.gif

Electron-microscope Image

of Expanded Bone 

XBR - small.gif
SEM Bone Shaving Masked.gif

Expanded Bone Regeneration

*Clinical Research Study

"From this research, it appears that excellent implant success rates can be achieved in grafted sinuses or ridges when a locally harvested autogenous bone graft with ribbon geometry is used."  "... no signs of bone resorption... no dehiscence of the soft tissue flaps..." Quotes are from a study of 193 consecutive patients grafted with autogenous bone utilizing Maxilon's XBR technology (Expanded Bone Regeneration).  

J Oral Maxillofac Surg 62:1535-1544, 2004